Written by Charlotte 
The Fantastic Petworth Primary School 
Hi! Welcome to Petworth Primary School.  I hope you enjoy yourself here.  It's a great place to learn, just the right place for your child.
The classrooms are airy and brilliant.  Did you know?  Some of the classrooms have a cool view of the Southdown's.  We have 8 classrooms at Petworth Primary and all those classrooms are beautiful.
At Petworth School we also have some great council's, such as Eco-Committee and School Council which are both run by the lovely ladies Mrs Sandon-Webb and Mrs Eade.
There are lots of outstanding teachers here at Petworth Primary School.  We have Mr Galvin who's the Headteacher, Mrs Sandon-Webb Deputyhead and Miss Rawlings Head of KS1.  We also have loads of other teachers to!  I would be there to listen all day long.
All the children here have some lessons including Maths, Literacy, Geography and Science.  Do you think your child will love these?  Well if you think they will love them your child is going to have a first great day at school.
Office Ladies
The office ladies are very kind and helpful, just right to make sure your child is fine and healthy.  If your child falls over the office ladies are always on the case.
The Hall
We have a great, gorgeous, dinner meals hall, in the great hall we have loads of perfect assemblies which are sometimes run by visitors and perfect for your child.
Reading Rocket
In the class in KS1 there is a Reading Rocket on the doors.  At the end of the week the teacher will write down where your where your child is on the Reading Rocket and make your child achieve a sticker.
To conclude you would be insane not to send your child to Petworth Primary School.