School is now only open to keyworker children.

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Zoom and Teams Meetings

Oak Class
Mon 10.30-11 Mrs Fogden
Wed 10.30-11 Mrs Fogden

Ash Class
Tues 2-2.30 Mrs Wiggs
Thurs 2-2.30 Mrs Wiggs

Rowan Class
Mon 10.30-11 Mrs McGrath
Tues 2-2.30 Miss Furnell
Weds 9.30-10 Mrs McGrath
Thurs 9.30-10 Mrs McGrath
Fri 11 – 11.30 Miss Furnell

Beech Class
Mon 1-1.30 Miss Langham
Tues 11.30-12 Miss Langham
Weds 11-11.30 Mrs McGrath
Thurs 1-1.30 Mrs McGrath
Fri 2- 2.30 Miss Langham

Maple Class
Mon 11-11.30 Mr Neary
Tues 2.30-3 Mrs Harris
Weds 10-10.30 Mr Neary
Thurs 2.30-3 Mrs Harris
Fri 10-10.30 Mr Neary

Elm Class
Mon 11.30-12 Miss P-H
Tues 11-11.30 Mr Neary
Weds 9-9.30 Mr Neary
Thurs 11.30-12 Miss P-H
Fri 9-9.30 Mr Neary

Willow Explorers Class
Mon 9-9.30 Mr Neary
Tues 1-1.30 Mr Neary
Weds 1-1.30 Mr Neary
Thurs 1-1.30 Mr Neary
Fri 11.30-12 Mr Neary

Willow Investigators Class
Mon 1.30-2 Mrs McGrath
Tues 10-10.30 Mrs McGrath
Weds 1.30-2 Mrs McGrath
Thurs 10.30-11 Mrs McGrath
Fri 1-1.30 Mrs McGrath

Dance with Miss Ford
Elm Class
Wednesday 1.15-1.45 link in Teams
Ash Class
Thursday 1.15 via Zoom
Maple, Willow Explorers and Willow Investigators Class
Friday 2.15 link in Teams

We are a nut free school.

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