Year 5 and 6 Visit British Museum

22nd November 2021

On Monday, Willow and Elm Class went on a fantastic trip to The British Museum. Elm had a great day exploring the Ancient Egyptian Artefacts, they saw mummies and tombs, as well as many other different artefacts that told many stories about the Ancient Egyptians. Willow class took a broader look around the museum. They participated in a game of 'British Museum Bingo', which saw them hunt around the museum for a whole range of different artefacts linking to topics they have studied throughout their time at Petworth Primary. They found objects such as the mask found at Sutton Hoo, an Ancient Roman horse artefact, that had in fact been found in Chichester, and also found many artefacts that remined them of Mr Galvin (particularly the ancient mummies!). 

We all had a really fantastic day and it has inspired some great learning this week. Elm have been working hard at writing recounts all about their trip, whilst Willow have used the pictures they took to create films all about their visit.