Science Week

11th March 2019

British Science Week March 2019

Last week was British Science Week and schools across the country marked this with all manner of different scientific investigations and activities linked to the theme of “journeys”. At Petworth, our focus was on the five types of scientific enquiry and giving children the opportunity to develop their skills in each of these five areas through investigations and science-based activities. In Ash Class, children explored floating and sinking and planned and made their own boats choosing appropriate materials that were waterproof and light. In Rowan Class, the focus was plant life. They observed how plants absorb water and noticed changes over time in seed growth. Across Key Stage Two, activities ranged from a crime scene investigation in Year Five to making drinks cans spin in Year Six. Year Four made a replica digestive system using bread, tights, spoons and elastic bands and then went on to make 3d digestive system posters!

The week started with an assembly led by our Year Five Science Ambassadors about famous British Scientists and ended with an opportunity for parents to drop in and see the work produced across the school. What a fun and inspiring week!