PGL IOW Residential 2018

5th October 2018
Year 6 had an amazing residential weekend at PGL on the Isle of Wight.

Last weekend our year six children participated in their annual residential at Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. This experience gives children the opportunity to inspire, nurture and challenge themselves and their peers. The trip started with a dip in the sea with Kaycie leading the way. In all of the years I have been going to this beach I have never seen so many   children eager to get into the water. It was great to see them  exploring the water and sandbanks. This was a great start to the four days and it set the tone for exploration for the time we were away.

During the trip the children and teachers constantly had challenges which ranged from climbing higher, entering dark and gloomy spaces (tunnel trail) and problems to solve. The biggest challenge the teachers had was to stop Jacques from playing football! We were all pleasantly surprised at how the children went as far as they could and then a little bit further with a bit of persuasion. Luke typified this as he refused to abseil down the 10m wall after climbing the ladders to the top. After a few minutes at the bottom decided he wanted to go up again...Luke abseiled down three times. Great perseverance and resilience.

There were numerous funny moments during our trip....forgetting Charlotte was still at the top of All Aboard  which is 10m high, in the wind and rain; children  flossing as they abseiled; Abbie and Ollie reading while on the zip wire; Jacques reading aloud on the Giant Swing; Archie’s impersonation of a lobster; the screams from most of the  children on the Giant Swing. Each child and teacher will have their favourite moments.

As a parent or carer it is always worrying when your child is away and one of the biggest worries is, ‘Will they eat enough?’ Well rest assured they did! There was only one other school (six seventeen years olds), so we had plenty of opportunities for seconds. In fact it was difficult to get Kalin to stop eating!

During the four days the children abseiled, climbed 10m high poles, zip wired, problem solved, quad biked and much, much more. The children grow in confidence as they tackle activities they would not normally engage in and when you see children leaping off a 10m pole to catch the trapeze, who were at first reluctant to go beyond the 2m point, it enforces that all of our children can achieve with the right encouragement and      environment.

As we returned to Portsmouth and said goodbye to Little   Canada, the children saw the US aircraft carrier Harry S Truman, one of the around the world sailing boats, various British Navy boats, the hovercraft and plenty of sailing boats. It 

gave us the opportunity to reflect and I am looking forward to reading all about the children’s adventures through their writing.

I am always grateful to people giving up their free time and to give up a whole weekend goes way beyond their role. This trip would not have happened if it was not for Mr Neary, Mrs Gill and Mrs Carter.