Maple Class Visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace

23rd November 2021

Fishbourne Roman Palace

On Tuesday 23rd November, Maple Class visited Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their learning about the impact the invasion of the Romans had on Britain. We had a fantastic day full of amazing learning experiences.

The day began with a workshop on Roman artefacts and Roman life. The children were able to spin wool, grind herbs and wheat to make flour, make mosaics using tesselae and investigate primary sources using some focus questions. All of the children engaged well and asked insightful questions. Corey and Remy were even dressed as a Roman prince and princess by their dressing slave, Tabitha!

After lunch, we watched a introductory video which told us about the history of the palace and its significance. Then we were able to explore the museum and the gardens. The floor mosaics were so impressive and we particularly enjoyed seeing the hypocaust (under-floor heating) and the Roman coins.