Chichester Art Competition

22nd June 2019

Chichester Schools’ Art Competition

Over the past few weeks, children from years 4 and 5 have attended an afterschool club, where they have been creating artwork for the Chichester Schools’ Art Competition. This year sees the twinned cities of Chichester and Chartres celebrate 60 years of partnership within the Twinning Association and the Chichester Schools’ Arts Competition celebrating its 10th year.  The Friends of Chartres Committee chose this year’s theme - A Carnival of Animals - for schools in both Chichester and Chartres to participate in.

The children, together with Mrs Mayne and Mrs Wilson, worked hard to design and construct various animal-themed works of art, including painted animal portraits, masks, headdresses and a photo booth!

Some of the children showcased their masks in a photo-shoot session and these formed part of our entry. We adorned our display with jungle-themed bunting, made by the children; it was clear to see that we have some very talented artists at Petworth.

Lexie and Maria, together with their families, were able to attend the awards ceremony at Chichester University, where we got a special mention for our entry and received a certificate of participation and a commemorative cup.

Following the ceremony, it was lovely to see members of the public, the Friends of Chartres Committee and even the Mayors of Chichester and Chartres, all trying on our masks and posing for photographs!  It definitely proved popular with the visitors and staff at Art One.

The artwork is now destined for France, in order that it is displayed for the pupils and community of Chartres to enjoy. We would like to thank the children for their participation and hope to continue with an after-school art club again in the next academic year.